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  Description Quantity Location
Single Shoes 50000kg Hong Kong
Pet bottle bales 5000 MT per month Canada
Airbag nylon fabric roll and Bela's Wanted 50000 Sujangarh
Houseware/cookware/pots and pans 40ft container usa
PET Bottle transparent or clear in bale 200 tons Mexico city
PET Bottle transparent or clear in bale 200 tons Mexico city
Shredded Household Electrical Appliances Wanted 50 guangdong
Credential Used Clothing Wanted 25000 to 27000 kiligram Nationwide
Blue HDPE Scrap Wanted 500-800 MT THAILAND
Computers & Electronics Any quantity Dade City, FL
Integrated Circuit Tray Scrap Wanted 5 tons Philippines
Nylon 66 unfilled scrap 40,000 per day Dalton, Ga
Ldpe hoop house overwintering Full loads / partial South Mid West East
Peanut Shells / Nut Hulls 10 truck loads per week Virginia
Plastic material , post industrial , regrind, reprocessed 300 mt monthly US/ INDIA
Truckload Quantities of ALL GRADES of Post-Industrial Plastic Scrap 30,000+ LBS Pickup in all Lower 48 States
Used shoes 45,000 lbs West coast
Bopp film 3000kg India
OINP Newspapers Waste Wanted 300MT Nationwide
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