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  Description Quantity Location
Water - RO Demineralization Concentrate 1-2 tanker loads per week Tampa, FL
Calcium Fluoride 50,000 MT/Month United Arab Emirates
Sodium Sulfate solution 500,000 gallons per year AL/TN
Sodium Sulfate two (2) loads / week AL / TN
Motor Oil, Extra Duty 15W40 (PureGreen) 779 gallons (in totes) Tampa, FL
Motor Oil, 5W30 (PureGreen Supreme) 275 Gallons (in tote) Tampa, FL
ATF Automatic Transmission Fluid (Syn-blend) 165 Gallons (3 drums) Tampa, FL
Kemira Superfloc A-1820 4 drums (1860 pounds) Tampa, FL
Propylene Glycol Inhibited 275 Gallons (in tote) Tampa, FL
Sulfuric Acid (black) 1000 gallons Tampa, FL
Sodium Percarbonate, Coated 40 bags Tampa, FL
Sodium Hexametaphosphate FG 1 bag Tampa, FL
HDPE Bottle 200000 New York
Reprocessed PC Pellet 1000 MT Malaysia, China, Indonesia
100% Clean & Clear LDPE FILMS 350 California USA
EPS-Expanded Polystyrene/Baled Styrofoam Unlimited Nationwide
Used 48 Gallon Recycling Carts Available 15,000 Florida
LDPE Film Scrap 1000 New York
ABS Computer Scrap 1000 New York
Hdpe bottle scrap 1000 New York
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