Cetyl and Steryl Alcohol Floor Sweeps

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Date Listed: 07/18/2018
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Other Organic Chemicals
Condition: Contaminated
Continuous/One-Time? One-Time
Expires: Never
Details: We have two truckloads of flaked cetyl and stearyl alcohols. The material is floor sweeps and has some contamination. It is packaged in both supersacks and fiber drums.
Title of Material: Cetyl and Steryl Alcohol Floor Sweeps
Location: Dalton, GA
Quantity: 80,000lbs.
Company/Contact Information
Company Name: Allchem, LLC
Web Site: www.allchem-llc.com
Address 1: 442 N. Hamilton St.
City: Dalton
E-Mail: sam@allchem-llc.com
First Name: Sam
Job Title: Marketing Manager
Last Name: Sharp
Phone 1: (706 ) 226-4080
Zip: 30720
State: GA

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