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Date Listed: 08/07/2017
Available/Wanted? Available
Category: Recycling
Condition: 100% clean & clear
Continuous/One-Time? Continuous
Expires: Never
Details: We currently have in stocks the below list of products available on a monthly basis.Please kindly send us your offer and will respond to you immediately along with updated pictures of current shipment Clean LDPE Film Scrap in bales White ABS computer casing Scrap Pet Bottles in bales Transparent PC CD Scrap HDPE Bottles scrap in bales EPS Block Eva Solar Film Scrap Pet Film in rolls PA6 Nylon yarn waste scrap PVB Scrap Baby Diapers in bales PA 66 Uncoated Airbag Pure Nylon Plastic Scrap pet preform scrap PET Straps Transparent PMMA Sheet Scrap PP Super bags White PC bottles water scrap Computer Motherboard Scrap CPUs Processor Scrap Pet Straps PC LUMPS Broken Solar cell Used Car tires Used Truck tires Millbery Copper wire 99.9% Aluminum UBC Cans HDPE Bucket scrap Super Mixed Paper - post-commercial HDPE Mixed Colors Mixed Film Mixed Rigid Plastic Email:Petermoon40@yahoo.com Skype Peter.moon6 LANDON GLOBAL LIMITED 40 PRINCESS STREET MANCHESTER M1 6DE Company No. 05888329 AQSIQ:A826080436
Title of Material: HDPE MILK BOTTLES
Location: Netherlands
Quantity: 100
Company/Contact Information
City: Noord-Holland
E-Mail: petermoon40@yahoo.com
First Name: Peter
Job Title: Sale Manager
Last Name: Moon
Phone 1: +(31) 0204222455
Zip: 1000
Salutation: Mr
State: Amsterdam

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